This statement necklace looks great with a nice leather jacket to bring out the extra bling in your outfit.


Colored Bold
Colored statement necklace on a simple white or plain shirt looks amazing. Match it with your shoes, purse or even the color of your eyes and everything will just pop!

Monochromatic Necklaces
To balance out your colorful outfits, monochromatic necklaces work like a charm. They stand out perfectly, you can use crystal necklaces to keep the look hip.

Sparkly necklace + plain Outfit
Anything that sparkles would lift up the mood and feel of the whole outfit instantly! Wear it with a nice clutch or sunglasses and you’re good to go.

Glitz and a T-Shirt
Wear your glam necklace comfortably on a graphic t-shirt and go about your day. The look will balance itself between chic and informally cute!

Geometric Shapes
If minimalistic effects matter and your whole aesthetic look are based on everything being precisely perfect, the get geometric shaped statement necklaces, they’re chic and look super stylish.

Pearl Power
Pearls have never gone out of fashion. Their intricate design makes any outfit look absolutely extravagant and beautiful. Wear this over a dress or a shirt. It works wonders for both.

Boho style
If you’re looking for something more artistic and funky, try the deco style necklaces, almost everyone loves them and they complement EVERYTHING.

Massive bits of Glam
Big, glam-packed necklaces look amazing for a special night out. You don’t need to wear any extra jewelry with those because they’d complete the whole look for you with their huge size.

Statement Necklaces Fit For Collars
If you like to spice up your collard look with a little bit of glam here and there, add a bold statement necklace be it colored or crystal.

Sporty Look transformation
Transforming a sporty casual look, letting it shine a bit shouldn’t be too hard. Just add a piece of your soft statement necklace that shouldn’t be too huge and you’re good to go!

Old Clothes touch up!
Got an old sweater that still fits? Style it up with a statement necklace and it will revamp the whole look!

Pastel Themes
Get creative and a little colorful. Wear a bright colored statement necklace and balance it with the rest of your outfit with belts and colorful shoes!

Retro Chic Look
Go vintage, get that big coat of yours out, wear some floral print and style it with a retro statement necklace and a nice purse.

Graceful Statement Necklace
Some outfits just desire to not be too flashy. Wear a nice comfortable v neck long shirt.