Fashion Trends to Watch Out For this 2020

Fashion Trends to Watch Out For this 2020

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen some of the best and worst fashion moments in the last decade. You have probably worn some of them like skinny jeans, gladiator shoes, oversized handbags and so much more. After all, trends just simply come and go.

Here's our list of some of the trendy fashion accessories you'd probably love this year:


Soft Clutches or Dumpling Bags 

So why go gaga over these bags? Well, for starters, who wouldn’t love STYLE and FUNCTIONALITY? Not only that they’re extremely fashionable but they’re also roomy and easy to carry. They’re also available in many different colors that you’ll surely love. Our personal favorites are the classic shades of black, white, beige, and tan. You can pair this with your casual and even your formal OOTDs too!


One of the beauties of fashion is that some pieces never go out of style. Bucket bags aren’t new in the fashion scene, but they are getting the spotlight this year. If you already have one, better use them again. But in case you still don’t have it, now is the perfect time to grab one for yourself!

There are so many ways to rock this piece plus they’re spacious, stylish, and timeless! 


Chunky Hoop Earrings


This is another fashion trend that is making a comeback. Give your sweet and dainty earrings a little break and adorn your ears with a pair of oversized hoops! This is one of the best ways to add flair on your plain ensemble.

Large Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

It’s all about making your fashion statement loud and clear. Two of the must-have bling of the year is the Large Chain Necklace and Bracelet. Large chain accessories are best-paired with your office wear and a perfect piece to spice up your casual jeans and jacket outfit. 


Pearl jewelry is definitely the ultimate “girls best friend” this year. We’re glad that pearls are still part of the fashion trend and they aren’t retiring in the fashion scene anytime soon. Instead, pearls just keep on getting popular over the years because they’re timeless, chic, and very versatile. Whether you go for faux or genuine pearl pieces, one thing is for sure, you’ll never have to toss them on your wardrobe... ever!!! 


Strappy Sandals 

Achieve the illusion of having elongated legs and create a very nice silhouette with a pair of strappy sandals. They come in a variety of materials like faux and genuine leather, velvet, and suede. Feeling extra? Add a pair of sheer tights! They come in classic and funky colors that will suit your every mood and style. 

Embellished Sandals

If you are not a fan of plain sandals, now’s the time to be crafty and DIY! You can replace the strap with a chain, place it around the ankles, or around the heels. No time to be artsy-fartsy? Shop for a pair of embellished sandals instead. They’re hip, ultra-chic, and fun to style.


Colored-framed Sunglasses

Of course, we need to constantly protect our eyes against the harsh rays of the sun that is why a pair of sunglasses is a must-have. And it won’t hurt to protect your eyes while keeping your style on fleek! Keep your plain black-framed sunnies for the meantime and don’t be afraid to get a new pair with colored frames. The color options are limitless (depending on how quirky or adventurous you are with your style), but if you want another timeless piece, pick the ones with monochromatic colors. 

So whether you make or break the rules of fashion, have some serious fear of missing out, or you're just simply on the lookout for what’s in style, always remember: fashion stays forever and we’ll never get tired of giving you the latest updates in the fashion scene. Who knows, maybe that perfect piece is already in your closet!

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