How To Be A Certified Fashionista?

How to be a certified fashionista? | NIKouture

Fashion is a never-ending cycle of trends that just keeps on coming back. One day they’re in, the next day they’re out, but one thing is for sure, they’ll soon make a come back! 

As we wrap up another decade in fashion and begin a new one, here are some of the things you may want to consider: 

1. Watch out for the fashion week season and predictions of fashion gurus.

Check out the runway pieces during fashion week so you’ll have a glimpse of what’s about to come in the fashion scene. Also, at the beginning of each year, fashion gurus make their predictions on what’s going to be in and out of style.  Be on the lookout and take note of their tips so you’ll know which pieces to add, which ones to keep or toss on your wardrobe. 


You may or may not like the pieces you’ll see but if you are bold enough to try them, then GO FOR IT! 


2. Take inspiration from your favorite people.

Your sense of style can also be greatly influenced by your favorite personalities whether they are in the fashion industry or not. Maybe you like their quirkiness, their simplicity, or their glamorous look. Go ahead and check out their style staples and see if you could also pull them off. 


Add a little twist to their style and give it your flavor.


3. Be the trendsetter

Why follow the trends when you can set it yourself? 

Whether fashion is your form of self-expression or your creative outlet, all you need is to go out and show the world what you’ve got. It doesn’t matter where you draw your inspiration from; it can be from your favorite era, from nature, from a fictional character, etc. one thing is for sure, somebody out there could appreciate and relate to your sense of style!  

4. Stay true to your personality

Not bold enough to try high fashion? Don’t have the money to spend on a new set of clothes, a new pair of shoes, bags, jewelry, and makeup?  




You don’t have to try hard just to fit in because being a fashionista is not only for those who follow what the fashion industry dictates. Sometimes, all you need is to just simply go for the ensemble that makes you feel good about yourself. At the end of the day, no matter how simple your look maybe, feeling empowered and confident is all that matters. 


Fashion is a form of self-expression, hence, you have the freedom to express yourself however you want to. After all, you and I are all certified fashionistas in our rights! 




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