The bold and outrageous jewelry trends of 2018 are just in place to make headlines. It’s time to switch out old trinkets for some fresh jewelry pieces to complement your style. Let’s explore the jewelry trends of 2018!

Extra Large Hoops

The extremely large hoops are the great accessory that will make ears the center stage in this year. These extra large hoops are available in various textures styles, sizes, and colors. They look pretty awesome with almost every attire and style. A pair of bejeweled hoops is perfect for your evening cocktail party outfit and if you are looking for a bold accessory for your everyday routine then medium-sized hoops will do wonders for you.


The extravagant earrings are suddenly all the rage with younger jewelry lovers and this trend is not going away anytime soon. The bigger the better, with metal mesh fur, rhinestones, mini beads, metal mesh and rhinestones, sequins, being added to the mix in the coming seasons.

Elegant Statement Cuffs

The Statement cuffs give a bold and glamorous look to any style. These cuffs can be worn in various creative ways.  Forget about wearing lots of accessories, just a single cuff can make you look modish and glamorous!


This trend is making a huge come back in 2018 and it’s the best time to flaunt your ankle. The famous celebrities and runway models have expressed a deep love for ankle bracelets.

Long chain Necklaces

As the symbol of the twenties continues style revival, it’s time to embrace navel-grazing, chic and classy necklaces in 2018. The lustrous chains having luminous clusters can be worn with any outfit of your choice during the day or in the evening.

Wear your favourite piece of Jewelry and get ready to show off your most dazzling style!