Pearl Necklaces, Their Varieties, Grading, and Important Tips during Size and Length Consideration and Pearls Protection

Pearl Necklaces, Their Varieties, Grading, and Important Tips during Size and Length Consideration and Pearls Protection

Want to select a genuine pearl necklace but unable to find the right one? It can be little daunting for new customers to select pearl necklaces without having prior knowledge of pearls and necklaces.

In this informatory page, you will get requisite knowledge for selecting pearl necklaces, prominent cleaning tips to maintain them, and other essentials related to the pearl necklace.

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From sizes to lengths, customers need to evaluate different factors while evaluating handmade gemstone jewelry or a long pearl necklace made of different varieties.

Now, we will discuss some important factors which will help you in gaining better insight.

Evaluating the Perfect Pearl Necklace

How to Grade Pearl Necklaces?

  • While selecting a pearl necklace either through a store or website, most customers focus on grading factors. Some jewelry-making companies opt for letters to grade while some grade with numbers.
  • Like diamond grading where we choose four C’s for the evaluation, the pearl grading system has seven grading factors. Unlike diamond grading, the pearl grading system does not match with the industry standards. What does it mean? Let’s discuss more to find out the exact idea.
  • The above-given quality shows that every shop or industry dealing with pearl necklaces compliance with their own standards.

There are basically four varieties of cultured pearls available in the market which you can choose from. Each of the pearl necklaces possesses some unique traits and elegance in some perspectives.

Let’s check them out.

The basic four varieties of cultured pearls are:

  • Akoya Pearls
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Tahitian Pearls
  • South Sea Pearls

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Akoya Pearls

How to evaluate genuine Akoya pearls? Here is the answer. There are three dominating factors on the basis of which we can evaluate genuine Akoya Pearls; these are:

  • Color;
  • Shape;
  • Luster;

Among the three factors, luster is the most dominating factor. Luster is the shine emitted from pearls; higher the shine higher will be their value. A lustrous Akoya pearl shows its retention time in its mother oyster. Apart from that, you can prefer the seller’s reputation while choosing a pearl necklace.

  • Processes Implied for the Development of Akoya Pearls

During the development process, Akoya pearls are seeded with a perfectly-shaped round bead for the time period of 1.5 to 2 years. If harvested before the targeted time, Akoya pearl necklaces lose their luster.

If you are evaluating on color and shape, then, you will find that Akoya pearls show a perfectly round shape in white color but exceptions are also there. Exotic Akoya pearl necklaces are available in natural-color blues, silver-blues, baroque and gold.

The average size range of Akoya pearls, which most customers prefer, is 7-7.5mm. Apart from that, the second average size option which you can choose is 8-8.5mm.

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

  • As compared to Akoya Pearl necklaces, freshwater pearl necklaces have less value. Freshwater pearls do not approach perfect round shape like Akoya pearl necklaces. But, this is the available and cheap option which you can consider over Akoya pearl necklaces.
  • Unlike Akoya pearl necklaces, freshwater pearls grow without a bead. As traditional methods are implied to grow freshwater pearls, these pearls are 100% genuine and show premium quality.
  • What is the reason that freshwater pearls have depreciated value in the market? Freshwater pearl shells grow dozens of pearls at the same time while Akoya pearls promote the growth of one or two pearls. Customers will probably find irregular-shaped and different-shaped freshwater pearls from each other; the main reason is that they do not have beads in the center.
  • Freshwater pearls also exist and resemble the shape and look of Akoya pearl necklaces.

Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Available in vibrant colors, Tahitian pearl necklaces are available in large size and colorful pearl strands. From 8mm to 16mm, customers have a large size range to choose from.

South Sea Pearl Necklaces

Among all types of pearls, south sea pearl necklaces are considered the largest and most valuable among different types of pearl necklaces. Basically, they have been categorized on the basis of their formation as these have been grown in silver and gold-lip oysters.

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Pearl Knotting

Silk is the most popular thread which you can use for knotting the pearls. To provide more durability to pearl necklaces, companies provide fiber strands.

Pro Tip: To prevent pearls from scattering and rubbing against each other, one can use knots between each pearl. But for creating an aesthetic look, customers usually prefer knots only at clasp ends.

How to Choose the Right Pearl Size?

As per the customers’ requirements, there are different alternatives available for the size selection. Many customers want to know the best-suited size during the selection of a pearl necklace.

During any size selection, there are some techniques which can be considered.The different types of pearl necklaces vary with their sizes.

  • If you are looking for Akoya pearl necklaces, then you have the popular size range of 7-7.5mm, or you can select between 8-8.5mm.
  • In case of freshwater pearl necklaces, one has the choice to select between 7.5-8mm. Another category in this range is 8.5-9mm.
  • Tahitian pearl necklaces have generally smaller pearls at the clasps while larger-shape pearls at the center so you can choose accordingly. The size range lies between 8 to 11mm.
  • If you have decided to choose the largest pearl necklace, then you should definitely go for Tahitian pearl necklaces. The popular wearable size range in this category lies between 10 to 14mm.

How to select the Right Length of Pearl Necklaces?

It is totally a personal preference of anyone to go for shorter and longer strands. For occasions, you can go for longer strands as one can wear longer strands by double them.

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Important Tips to Protect Pearls

No doubt that pearls are center of attraction of any necklace. There are some simple ways by following which one can protect pearls from damage, ensuring longer durability. The tips are given below.

  • To store pearl necklaces, one can use a soft pouch or bag;
  • Don’t use while bathing or pouring water;
  • Use a dry and soft cloth for cleaning pearl necklaces.

Choosing a brand like “NIKOUTURE jewelry” is a good option for jewelry lovers to select either a long pearl necklace or versatile collection of premium jewelry collections.

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