UNLEASH YOUR INNER ADVENTURER! Authentic, Artisan, Quality Hand Crafted Individual Pieces of Jewelry. Personally, hand picked from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, India, Mexico, Venezuela, USA & more. We specialize in bringing you the best, from the best artists and craftsmen-women from around the globe. Each piece is selected with you in mind. From design to detail and no two are alike!

Nikouture is the representation and reflection of the globetrotting woman. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted, expressing the culture and story of its origin. Our collection ranges from the most exotic countries across the globe to locally crafted right in our own Miami paradise. Exploring outside the standard, our pieces are multi-functional and unconventional. Nikouture jewelry is a one of a kind find, carrying only one of each piece.

Eccentric styles highlighting the unique modern day woman's truest self. Some of the necklaces have multiple uses, which is like having several pieces of jewelry for the price of one. Many of the large pieces you have the option of removing some of the charms. Thereby, you can achieve different looks.

Some of the pieces are made out of semi-precious stones and beautiful river rocks and pearls, combined with leather, cord, lace and non-precious polished metal. Although some pieces might resemble each other due to product similarity, not two are alike. Each piece design is handmade and one of a kind.

We will continue to bring new designs to the website as they become available. As the inventory is replenished there is no guarantee that the new piece will look the same. This is the beauty of our product, one of kind accessory jewelry.